A change will do you good

Remember back in the spring when we had mechanical issues with our jack, which threw our travel plans in a tizzy?  We made our way back to Knoxville so our dealer could repair it since the manufacturer couldn't get us into their facility for 6 months.  It was warranty work, so we had a claim number which our dealer used for reimbursement of the minimal labor (tightening some bolts).  Well, it seems that loose bolt were NOT the problem, and we have been leaking hydraulic fluid every time we retract the jacks.  Called the dealer, who called the manufacturer, and, well, we are headed back to Knoxville for repairs.  Again.  The good news is that parts and labor will be covered under warranty.  And that is why you should always buy from a reputable dealer who gets stellar reviews!

In the meantime, we left North Carolina and headed back to Sevierville, TN to wait to hear from the dealer.  We'll still be heading to Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine before we return to Davenport, FL, but our timing is now pushed back by at least 3 days.  It's a good thing we like the Gatlinburg area.... It's our 3rd time here 17 months!

Our travels thus far:  we left Vermont on October 1st, but not before Tim slipped in the mud when we were hitching up.  He went down hard and sprained his ankle.  Fortunately it was his left ankle, so he was able to drive.

Our arrival in Cooperstown NY was in the rain with pain.😜 He was able to hobble around to get all hookups attached, and then sat down inside for R.I.C.E.  Our plans to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame were out the window, but our old friend, Bob (Box) Morris drove from Syracuse to visit.  We managed to go out for lunch at a local brewery (Ommegang), so at least we had something to show for that stop.

Next waypoint was Harrisburg PA.  Again, not much getting around with the bum ankle, but Tim's brother, Paul, and his girlfriend, Lisa, drove all the way from Bucks County PA (north of Philly, for those of you who don't know the geography of the Delaware Valley!) to visit us and go out for dinner.

Next was western Maryland, near Antietam.  Tim was hobbling a bit better, so we went to the Visitors' Center at the National Park and then drove around the various battlefields.  It was sobering, to say the least.

From there, we went to the Charlottesville VA area.  We went to Monticello, and had a bit more of a history lesson about Jefferson.  He died deeply in debt, and liked to spend money he didn't have.  And banks kept lending him more.  Our 2nd full day in VA was a washout, no thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Michael.  We received about an inch and a quarter of rain, but no flooding in our area.  The 3rd day, we took a ride on Skyline Drive, and stopped at Big Meadows to have lunch at the lodge.  We had taken the kids camping at Big Meadows 30 years ago, when we had the pop-up, so it was nice to take a walk down Memory Lane.

Our next stop (which was supposed to allow for an easy ride to Charleston) was Elkin NC, about 45 miles from Winston-Salem.  After a nice visit to a local winery, we went to visit our old family friends, Neil and Maria Shaw.  We haven't seen them in years, so it was really wonderful to be able to catch up on everyone's lives.

And, just to add a little humor, our little campground was right next to a cow pasture.  Like 100 feet away.  The girls were mooing up a storm this morning, and that's precisely the sound Tim found himself waking up to!

And now we find ourselves back in Sevierville TN, awaiting our next move.  Even though it's been a bumpy ride, with too many twists and turns (driving AND ankle!), it's all good.  Tim's ankle is healing, we've been able to visit with people, see some sights, and keep on laughing.  All things considered, we really are blessed.

A change will do you good